Stream of Unconsciousness [New Work in Progress]

“I am feeling particularly adrift now yet still creatively moved so this came to me and I really don’t know where it or me is headed but that can be part of the excitement."

I’m actually fearing more fear right now and I’m trying not to run from it or convert it or master myself as we are so prone to doing here in America.

We are so obsessed with winning and being the best and having the most I find it exhausting to see that and hear that all the time and although I know it is justified by raw human urges built into our nature it is crazy in this culture.

You can feel the dark swirls of light in this piece. So I’m going to see where I go while I go cause really it is only the moment that exists and not the dock I moor at.

Wish me well as I wish for you.

Good day for now and be well

Oh and by the way this piece is 5’x7’. 

So you really can get in the boat if you tuck your knees up